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Fuego Farms

Craft Cannabis

Craft Cannabis Grown and Rolled in Rye, Colorado.

Fuego Farms is a wholesale recreational cannabis cultivation that focuses on exotic genetics and top-shelf flower ONLY. We are a family owned and operated business located in Southern Colorado. All of our cannabis is grown indoors, under HID lighting, with full automation to ensure the highest quality product at every harvest. We currently have many strains available, with new genetics dropping all the time. We harvest every week so our menu will update frequently, please check out our current inventory when you're looking for new flower or pre-rolls.All of our product is cured in Grove Bags with Terploc technology, which maintains product integrity and preserves the terpene profile, whether you open our product in one day or one year.Our strain specific pre-rolls come in labeled child resistant packaging or loose in bags, depending on how you order them!

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